Kickstarter launched to reunite the original members of the Homebrew Computer Club

Woz Speaking at Homebrew Computer Club Reunion, Mountain View

A cool new Kickstarter campaign was launched today. Its goal? To reunite the original members of the Homebrew Computer Club. In case you're unfamiliar, the Homebrew Computer Club was a hobbyist group formed in the mid '70s for computer enthusiasts in Silicon Valley. Some famed alumni of the group include Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs and famed programmer John Draper, aka Captain Crunch.

The Kickstarter page for the project reads in part:

Please join us on November 11th, 2013 for a historic event -- the Homebrew Computer Club Reunion. The legendary Homebrew Computer Club was a grassroots group of hardware hackers who kickstarted the personal computer revolution, and forever changed the course of consumer technology--and in the process--the world.

For one night in November, dozens of original surviving Homebrew Computer Club members will reunite to celebrate their legacy and to impart their wisdom to the next generation of hackers and creators whose innovations will shape the future. Guests will include Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Hypertext pioneer Ted Nelson, and Homebrew original and sometimes "moderator" Lee Felsenstein.

The project goal to get this event up and running is US$16,000. Money donated to the campaign will be used to cover costs associated with booking a venue, security, staffing, food and drink and of course, travel arrangements for Homebrew members.

If the amount donated reaches $30,000, a professional photographer will be hired for the event. And if the amount donated reaches $40,000, a small documentary on the gathering will be commissioned.

Per usual, there are incentives associated with donating at varying monetary levels. Cleverly, though, the levels for this kickstarter project come in the following dollar increments, $4, $64, $128, $512, $1,024, $2,048, and $4,096. Users who donate $4,096 will receive eight tickets to the event along with "your company logo on the event program."

You can read more about the planned event on the Kickstarter page over here. If all goes according to plan, which is to say that the fundraising goal is met by October 29, the reunion will take place on November 11, 2013.

Notably, the organizers already have 25 original members on board.