Here's the retail packaging for PlayStation 4 and its many accessories

You probably could've guessed, but the retail box for the PlayStation 4 rocks the same blue and white color scheme Sony's been employing for some time now. That box and the packaging for the DualShock 4, its charger, the PlayStation 4 Eye, and the console's vertical stand (yes, seriously) were all revealed on PlayStation Europe community manager Chris Owen's Twitter account earlier today, and they all look like pieces of one big family.

A handful of DualShock 4 flavors are on display, from classic black to "Wave Blue" and "Magma Red," and everything looks just about how we'd expect given the last eight months of introducing the PS4. The only bizarre standout -- the vertical stand -- is, well, it's a silly hunk of plastic that keeps the PlayStation 4 vertical. We've got high hopes that 3D printing enthusiasts the world over will print more creative (and less costly) versions for us to use.