Daily iPad App: Rockpack allows you to bundle up your favorite videos into shareable playlists

Rockpack is a social video-curation app that allows you to create and share a bucket list of your favorite online videos. The lists are called "packs" and are shared with your friends and the larger Rockpack community. It's a visually striking app that makes excellent use of video thumbnails and profile images.

The app encourages you to create your own curated "packs" of videos and add them to categories so the world can see them. You can view and follow lists created by other people, which is a great way to find quality online content without spending hours watching terrible, time-wasting clips. A pack friending feature makes it easy to find other people who share your taste in videos whether it be adventure sporting, DIY, cooking or more.

The biggest drawback to Rockpack is the registration requirement, which is a turnoff to people who just want to try out the app. I understand that you need an account to save and share videos, but there should be a guest option that allows you to view the content created by other people without having to sign up.

If you enjoy finding new online videos and don't mind the free registration, then you should check out Rockpack. The app is available for free from the iOS App Store and works on both the iPad and iPhone. I recommend the iPad version as watching videos is a much more enjoyable experience on the bigger screen.