Nokia bundles free Netflix with Lumia 1020 purchases through Vodafone

With the holiday season fast approaching, it looks like Nokia is eager to bump up sales in the UK lest it get trounced by the competition. For Vodafone customers shopping around for a new Windows Phone, that means getting a free year-long Netflix subscription with the purchase of a Lumia 1020. According to The Financial Times, Nokia will bear the brunt of the cost, while the extent of Netflix's financial involvement is unclear. Though the Lumia's photographic capabilities are undeniable, the phone hasn't quite caught on like wildfire, largely due to inaccessibly high pricing, even on contract. Considering that just last month, AT&T and Microsoft slashed the two-year contract price from a whopping $299 to $199 in the US, this type of corporate anxiety is hardly surprising. The Nokia/Netflix arrangement might prove mutually beneficial, as the latter is keen to expand in European markets, though time will tell if it's enough to reel in holiday shoppers.