Farewell, and thank you

It's been a pleasure. An absolute pleasure. Over seven years ago, I gave up nights, weekends, and nearly every waking hour I could find in order to write about technology for anyone who would read it. Engadget was but two years young, but I had every intention of helping it to last well beyond the future... whatever "the future" was. After today, my own future will involve a different path.

Writing, reporting and opining on Engadget has been a tremendous honor. Working in an industry that never pauses to catch its breath is both exhausting and exhilarating, and I've always considered myself fortunate to be a small part of it. From a midnight oil-burning news writer to a world record holder, Engadget has transformed me -- I owe a comically large deal of thanks to the site, its founders, its readers and my coworkers. Indeed, my colleagues over the years deserve all of the credit for me being able to write for this long. I've been schooled, shaped and properly molded by this industry's finest.

I am immensely, immensely proud of what we've accomplished, and I have nothing but gratitude for every single reader that spent even a minute of their day interacting with this site. Conversing about technology and seeing how it's transforming the lives of cultures all around the world has given me extreme joy, and it's with a heavy heart that I take a step back from doing that today. The world, I've learned, is both huge and tiny, but no longer overwhelming given the tools that we have. This may be the end of my journey at Engadget, but I'm eager to discover what walls I can tear down next.

I can't say that I have any particular plans at the moment, but I've never been opposed to seeing where serendipitous winds blow.

Don't be a stranger! I'm @darrenmurph on Twitter.