Gittler's all-titanium guitar has no neck or body, demands more than the intro to 'Stairway' (video)

"An out of this world guitar playing experience." That's what Gittler promises from its aircraft-grade titanium axem and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund production. Based on Alan Gittler's original 1978 design, which is now housed at MoMA, it maintains the same simplified structure, coming from the mantra to strip away "all that is unnecessary and redundant." That's resulted in a guitar body that lacks both a neck and body -- although an acrylic guitar neck can be added, if needed. Guitar enthusiasts that pitch $2,000 into the Kickstarter coffer will land one of 250 "classic model" Gittlers, although they'll have to follow that up with another $1,995 payment to receive the instrument. There's no volume controls, although the makers have managed to squeeze on knobs for both bass and treble. The funding goal stands at $80,000, although it's hard to put a price on good shredding.