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WSJ reports Apple cutting orders for the iPhone 5c, invites you to speculate

Apple broke routine when it launched not one, but two new iPhones at its last event. Analysts, media and consumers alike have been quick to offer opinion on how that's working out for the firm. Not least because -- despite being pitched as a cheaper alternative -- Cupertino still priced the iPhone 5c in the upper reaches of many people's budgets. So, fresh reports from The Wall Street Journal today, then, that Pegatron and Hon Hai (the two firms that assemble the iPhone 5c) have been told to cut back on production has triggered new waves of speculation.

And speculation it is. The WSJ's sources suggest that orders will be cut by between 20 and 30 percent, which analysts are quick to confirm points to a slump in demand. What's not mentioned is that the same thing happened with the iPhone 5 not long after its release. Not to mention the potential impact of high demand for the iPhone 5s in its gold variant (and iPhone 5s generally, as the WSJ also notes). Or that Apple might very well have just got their stock right for the first wave of orders -- including inventory for the next round of countries to get it. We'll perhaps get a better idea from the firm's forthcoming financial reports, but for now we're left navigating passage through the bandwagons.