Netflix will experiment with DVD-style extras for originals, Android app gets UI tweaks

Netflix made a couple of interesting announcements today, the first of which should be most pertinent to the Android users amongst you. The streaming video company has updated its app for the Google mobile operating system with a revamped interface that promises snappier covers, smoother scrolling and new action and navigation bars. Chromecast users should especially take note, as apparently the Netflix app has been slightly tweaked to play nicer with the TV dongle, such as improved lock screen playback controls. The only bad news? It still doesn't have support for the new profiles, although we asked and the company is still working on that, as well as broader HD streaming support. The slow rollout begins today, though you can hit Android Police for the APK if you're impatient.

The second announcement is a little more experimental. Netflix's VP of Product Innovation, Todd Yellin, mentioned at the GigaOm Mobilized conference today that the company will begin testing enhanced content or extra features around its original shows such as House of Cards or Orange is the New Black. If that works out, he says Netflix is open to offering DVD extra-style content to other partner providers as well. "Hopefully if we try something like that," said Yellin, "We have that lightning bolt of an idea that it's more than just a tiny percent user game." For those who're in the process of giving up physical media, additional extras like these could certainly be welcome.