Yup, Nokia's designing a watch too (update: video)

Plenty of companies have been noodling around with the idea of wearable tech, but Nokia's always offered up some of the most eye-popping concepts. The latest application to reach the Patent and Trademark Office, however, is a little more practical: a modular watch that you can customize to your heart's content. An even more outlandish idea is that each of the segments would contain a display tailored to a specific function -- and by turning the device around, you'd be able to access and use whichever was pointing upward. While you certainly can't draw any conclusions from the illustrative diagram, it's interesting to see that the doodles use a Windows Phone-style lock screen. Still, we imagine that Microsoft will want some say in this device's development if the Nokia Watch ever makes it as far as a working prototype.

Update: Kent Lyons, one of the minds behind this device, got in touch to let us know a little bit more about it. Not only was this concept codenamed "Facet" but there's both an academic paper (available at the More Coverage link) and a video of the prototype in action, which we've embedded below.