Samsung proposes five-year patent lawsuit hiatus to escape EU antitrust warnings

Almost 20 months after the European Commission (EC) formally launched an investigation into its patent licensing practices, Samsung believes it has come up with an answer. Today, the EC published an open call for comments on the Korean manufacturer's proposal relating to the abuse of standard essential mobile patents (SEPs). In that respect, Samsung says it will not seek an injunction against any company, including Apple, wishing to license its patents for a period of five years. The company says it will also agree to a negotiation period of up to 12 months, after which it will rely on a court or arbitrator to draw up an agreement.

Google-owned Motorola also found itself in a similar position after the Commission opened an investigation into its anti-competitive practices against Apple and Microsoft in 2012. The EC hopes that by limiting Samsung's ability to impose increased royalty rates, competitors will be able to license its patents and provide consumers with more product choice. Should Samsung be found guilty, it could face a multi-billion dollar fine based on a share of its mobile profits.

[Image Credit: european_parliament, Flickr]