Samsung's Smart Bulb edges closer to launch as it gains US approval

Philips may be at the forefront of connected lighting with its Hue range, but could soon have a competitor in Samsung's "Smart Bulb," which has just popped up at the FCC. The Korean outfit first revealed plans for a wireless bulb earlier in the year, and expected to launch a three-piece kit during the third quarter, complete with ZigBee hub for issuing on/off and dimming commands from mobile devices. That kit never came, but the FCC approval of this Smart Bulb, which uses ZigBee and looks mighty similar to what Sammy's detailed before (see below the fold), suggests it's nearly ready to illuminate your gloomy pad. Hue might have a budding adversary on its hands, but one thing's for sure -- we're not likely to see Samsung's effort taking a prime slot in Apple's storefront anytime soon.