Dijit collaborates with 11 TV networks to remind you to watch their shows

Say you're surfing around online and come upon an interesting promo for a new TV show. You could stop what you're doing, find the show on your DVR and hit record, but most likely you'll just make yourself a little mental note to catch it later. The problem with mental notes, of course, is that they're often forgotten. Dijit, however, aims to change that by collaborating with broadcast and cable TV networks to incorporate NextGuide-powered reminder buttons on their websites. The reminder buttons have been in testing since August, but the official rollout is today.

Eleven companies are on board so far, three of which are BBC America, Fox and truTV. If you go to one of the network's show pages, you'll see a "Remind Me" button with a small alarm clock icon. Click that, and you can sign up for an email or Facebook reminder that'll arrive a half hour before the show airs. If you just don't have the time to watch it then, the message'll also have a one-click "record to DVR" option with participating providers (Comcast, DirecTV and Dish are the only ones for now). Of course, there's nothing to remind you to hit the reminder button in the first place, so maybe make a, er, mental note of this going forward. Head past the break for the PR or hit the source for more info on how to sign up for the service.

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Dijit Media Powers "Remind Me to Watch" for Eleven Major TV Networks to Increase Live TV Tune-in
Reminder Button Initial Broadcast Partners include Fox Broadcasting Company, BBC America, truTV Networks

San Francisco, CA - October 18, 2013 -- Dijit Media, Inc., makers of the popular NextGuide, Miso, and Dijit Remote social and second screen discovery TV applications, today announced the availability of its Reminder Button, an audience engagement tool for broadcast and cable TV networks. The Reminder Button is prominently located on the websites for BBC America, Fox Broadcasting Company, and truTV, and will be soon added to 8 other major cable companies' websites, social pages, and ad campaigns as well.

How it works
Broadcasters who license Dijit's Reminder Button can place it on any Web site, mobile app, banner campaign or social property they are running. The Reminder Button has a flexible appearance, but typically includes a small "clock" icon and a "Remind Me To Watch" label. Upon clicking, site visitors are prompted to either use their Email address or Facebook account to receive show reminders 30 minutes before the show airs.

After registration is complete, Dijit (using the NextGuide consumer-facing brand) processes show reminders for new episodes on Live TV, as well as when new episodes arrive on popular streaming services including Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, iTunes, and Netflix. Reminders are delivered by Email or via the NextGuide iOS App (Android coming later this year), and also include convenient one-click-to-DVR buttons (for Comcast, DIRECTV and DISH subscribers at present).

Status & Stats
The Reminder Button first went live in August 2013, and the early results are promising:
Reminder Button is live on 80+ individual TV show Web pages
Average NextGuide member sets 3 (or more) reminders
Reminder email open and click-through-rate (CTR) more than double industry standard
Within first 3 weeks of setting a Reminder, at least one additional Reminder is created for a same-network show

"We realized many people see promotions for new TV shows and movies that look exciting, but forget to actually watch when the premiere occurs," said Adam Burg, VP Business Development and Cofounder of Dijit Media. "We built the Reminder Button to help regular TV fans never miss a show they want to watch, and kept it very simple for them to use it."

The Dijit Reminder Button can easily be added to any Website, banner ad campaign, mobile app, or social property either via an HTML link or "embed" code, and functions similar to a Facebook "Like" button. In addition to TV and Movie Studios, the company expects numerous entertainment Web properties to deploy Reminders for their site visitors in coming months. More information about the Reminder Button is available here:

Dijit Media continues solving audience engagement with three discovery and social TV apps for iOS and Android: NextGuide, the Dijit Remote, and Miso. Dijit Media's flagship app is NextGuide, a "hyper-personalized" TV guide that brings together live TV with results from popular streaming services. NextGuide provides recommendations and discovery technology with social features and a unique mosaic-style interface for a modernized re-interpretation of the classic guide. The Dijit Remote is the top-rated iOS remote control app, which also powers the experience for the Griffin Beacon iOS accessory (also available for Android). The Miso app was the first-ever "Social TV" service that lets users share what they are watching with their friends, post to social networks, and connect with fans around the shows they love.

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Where to find the Dijit Reminder Button Presently:
Each network is gradually increasing placement of the Reminder Button, so this may change/expand at any time. Here's a list of the easiest places to currently find the button.
BBC America - its the light blue "Remind Me" button next to showtimes, present on all show pages
truTV - its the grey "Remind me to Watch" button inside the text on all show pages
FOX - its the "Remind Me to Watch" text on the home page and the "all shows" page, and also used on many show pages, either in navigation bars or near other social buttons (Facebook/Twitter/etc)