Sony's Driveclub becomes second PS4 launch title to be delayed in a week

Sony has just announced that Driveclub, one of its original launch titles for the PlayStation 4, is running behind schedule and will miss the big day. The magnitude of this loss will obviously depend on how much your personal PS4 unboxing fantasy involved loading up a team-based, arcade-style driving sim -- and honestly, ours didn't. Nevertheless, the postponement comes in the same week that Watch Dogs was also pushed back to spring 2014 -- though that delay affects all consoles, not just Sony's. There's another issue, too: Driveclub was one of just two launch games that were meant to be offered free to PS Plus subscribers, as an extra inducement to spend $50 on a year's access. By way of a replacement, Sony will offer the dark platform-puzzler Contrast as part of its PS4 instant game collection, and you'll find a trailer for that title lurking in the shadows below.