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Apple pulls HMV music app after realizing it approved a competing music store

We were so pleased for legacy UK music store HMV, when it turned up with a new iOS app last week. It seems Apple was a little bit over-excited too, having apparently mashed the approve button without really realizing what it was doing. HMV was selling music downloads via the new app, a massive conflict of interest for Apple, and a big no-no in relation to its Ts & Cs. According to HMV Chairman Paul McGowan, Cupertino gave HMV Music the nod on September 15th, but once it noticed the gaffe, only gave the UK retailer until 6pm yesterday to remove the offending feature. Of course, this was too short notice, and as such the app has been pulled. The Guardian reports that the official word from Apple is that the app violated a clause that prevents selling of goods or services outside of the app -- an experience the official press release described as "native" despite sending you off to an external site. Back to the developing board for HMV, we guess.