Chitika numbers show iPads still have the majority of tablet usage

Chitika Research today published the results of its third quarter 2013 tablet usage study, finding that iPads still rule the roost in terms of usage. The company looks at the web traffic generated by each tablet platform, and found that iPad users (the big blue bar in the chart above) were responsible for 81 percent of all North American tablet web traffic.

That number was three percentage points from the results published back at the end of the second quarter, with Amazon's Kindle Fire tablets gaining the most share -- a solid gain of one percentage point -- and Samsung coming in with a percentage point increase of 0.9. Google's Nexus tablets grabbed 0.4 percentage point additional traffic during the quarter, and Microsoft's Surface tablets surprisingly showed a jump of 0.5 percentage point. As Chitika pointed out, iPads still generate more than 12 times the Web traffic of the next-largest competitor (Amazon Kindle Fire) and more than four times the traffic of all other tablets combined.

Despite moronic ramblings from industry pundits like Henry Blodget at Business Insider who insist that iPad sales are in the tank (an image with his post shows nothing more than the cyclic nature of product announcements and purchase habits), Apple's tablet is still used more than any other tablet. Today's announcements will most likely spur further growth in both iPad usage and sales.