Nokia bringing RAW photography to the Lumia 1520 and 1020

This latest nugget of news out of Nokia's big event in Abu Dhabi should be of particular interest to mobile photographers. According to @tnkgrl, aka our buddy Myriam Joire, the phone manufacturer will be bringing RAW image support to its flagship Lumia handsets, the 1520 and 1020. This will allow them to take 20MP or 41MP photos (respectively) with zero compression -- allowing far greater control over exposure, color and other settings in your photo editor of choice. The file sizes will no doubt be unwieldy compared to regular JPEGs, especially for 1020 owners who can't expand their storage (the new 1520 fortunately has a microSD slot), but we reckon the extra control ought to be worth it.

Update: Now confirmed by Nokia camera developer, Juha Alakarhu.