Chitika: OS X Mavericks adoption rate three times faster than Mountain Lion

When iOS 7 hit the world last month, Chitika Research was there to tell us how quickly the new mobile operating system was being adopted by users based on how many ad impressions were coming from devices running the new OS. Now they've done the same for OS X Mavericks, and results from the first 24 hours show that 5.5 percent of all Macs are now running the new version.

In comparison, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion only grabbed about 1.6 percent of Mac users during the first 24-hour period after release last year. Whether it's the fact that Mavericks is free (Mountain Lion had a US$19.99 price tag attached) or just that some people skipped over 10.8 that is causing the quicker uptake is unknown.

Now, if we could only get some figures on how long it took Windows 8 to have 5.5 percent of the Windows OS market...