Nikon teases retro full-frame DSLR in new ad campaign

Nikon could be the latest camera company to turn out a retro-style DSLR in what appears to be a new "Pure Photography" ad campaign. In the first of five teaser videos, a photographer is seen snapping pics of the Scottish countryside. Though the camera is never seen, the audience can clearly hear the sound of that iconic shutter clicking, indicating that Nikon's latest might follow the footsteps of Fujifilm and Panasonic in going the retro route. Speculations abound that it'll be in the style of the old F3 film cameras, feature a full-frame FX sensor, an EVF/OVF hybrid viewfinder and will be one of a few Nikon cameras to not have video capabilities on board. Nikon Rumors goes a step further, stating that it'll be called the Nikon DF, and that the DF stands for "Digital Fusion." It also spotted what appears to be Nikon's 50mm f/1.8G lens in the video, which lends credence to the rumors. While we can't confirm such theories, camera buffs can take a peek at the teaser after the break to suss out any additional clues.