Ancient LaserDisc is a treasure trove of unreleased Star Wars footage

They say you can't put a price on happiness, but we bet the Star Wars fan(s) who bought this LaserDisc off eBay didn't mind paying $699 for 30 minutes of bliss. After all, it contains 50 raw and behind-the-scene takes from Return of the Jedi, which the public has never seen before. Back in the day, Lucasfilm used LaserDiscs to save material due for processing on its proprietary EditDroid software, a precursor to modern-day systems like Final Cut Pro. The good news is that whoever it was that shelled out the money belongs to the light side of the Force and has chosen to share their good fortune. They're posting the disc's content bit by bit on a Facebook page, and right now, there are five videos you can watch to make the weekend better. Seeing as copyright issues might arise along the way, though, don't be surprised if the clips disappear faster than Yoda's body.