Kinect eye patch for Xbox One will protect what's left of your privacy

If you couldn't bear the original Kinect staring at you all day every day, then you're going to be doubly unappreciative of the upgraded Kinect 2.0 module that comes with the Xbox One. Fortunately, as with the 360, a straight-forward fix is just a few dollars away. Accessory maker PDP has a privacy-protecting Kinect TV mount available for pre-order on Amazon for $20, which will serve the dual purpose of attaching your new Kinect module to any flat-panel display and hobbling its core functions. By adding a layer of solid plastic over the device's infrared and color camera sensors, the mount should bring some comfort to anyone not fully convinced by Microsoft's earlier assurances about how imaging data of our living rooms will be used in the future. Meanwhile, those all-important voice commands should still work fine.