Google+ updates Auto Awesome with video highlight reels and action shots

It was only at this year's I/O that Google introduced a new feature it calls Auto Awesome, which lets you edit your photos in Google+ and even create your own GIFs. The company's not done enhancing this ability, however, as Vic Gundotra has announced that video capability is coming to the tool as well. Called Auto Awesome Movies, you'll now be able to set up an HTC-like video highlight reel. Now, you can add multiple video clips, throw in some music (with your choice of different styles) and have Google+ sync your footage to go well with the background tune. You can select the duration of the movie, and Google will recalibrate which video clips and music should be used to fit your particular needs.

However, it's not just video getting the update treatment -- you'll now be able to create action shots and erase other people out of your pictures. That said, we've seen all of these features implemented in specific OEM interfaces -- Movies is quite similar to HTC's Video Highlights, Action looks a lot like Samsung's Drama Mode and Erase is, well, akin to Samsung's Eraser mode -- but Google's option will eventually be available on a wider variety of devices. We're told the functionality will be limited in compatibility to Android 4.3 or higher, so it may be a while before there are a significant number of devices able to take advantage of them. For those who are lucky enough to have the right firmware, Action and Eraser should begin rolling out today, while Movies will be a part of the next major Google+ update that's destined for devices in the next few days. We spent a few minutes getting some hands-on time with the new features, so check out our video below the break.

Google updates Auto Awesome with video support, action shots
Google updates Auto Awesome with video highlight reels and action shots