Blockbuster UK bankrupt again, can't honor next-gen pre-orders

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Blockbuster UK bankrupt again, can't honor next-gen pre-orders
Blockbuster UK is entering administration again, this time under investment company Gordon Brothers Europe. This means Xbox One and PS4 pre-orders through Blockbuster UK will not be fulfilled, the company says in a tweet. Blockbuster UK advises those who pre-ordered a next-gen system in-store to visit that location for help, and those who ordered online to write (a real-life letter) to BLOCKBUSTER, Harefield Place, The Drive Uxbridge UB10 8AQ.

Blockbuster UK entered administration in January and was purchased by Gordon Brothers Europe in March, saving a reported 2,000 jobs and keeping open 264 stores. Gordon Brothers Europe attempted to restructure Blockbuster UK and develop a digital platform, but Blockbuster's US parent company wouldn't allow it, the company told BBC in a statement.

The remaining 264 stores will remain in business while Gordon Brothers Europe seeks a buyer, though this move gets rid of 32 jobs at Blockbuster UK headquarters, the site says.
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