Caption Contest: Giant-sized Xbox One takes over Vancouver parking lot

Caption Contest Giantsized Xbox One takes over Vancouver parking lot in the name of hype

Bigger is always better, right Microsoft? In the lead-up to the Xbox One's launch, Microsoft's hype-making marketing machine's gone a bit mental and planted a larger-than-life Xbox One replica in a Vancouver, Canada parking lot. Why? Well, it's mostly to generate social buzz and secure your launch day dollars (be they Canadian or American, next month), but also because this is "the biggest launch in Xbox history." Get it now? This humongous Xbox One isn't just for show, either: gamers that pledge their gamertags online at Microsoft's One Source site, in-person at the stunt console or on Xbox Live will work towards unlocking rewards like a free Xbox One console and other special "experiences." We're not sure what that latter bit's about -- perhaps a giant statue of Steve Ballmer to float down the Thames? But if you're counting down the days to November 22nd, chances are you'll want in on this fabricated fun.

Joseph Volpe: "It's Xbone-ntially bigger than the 360."
Jon Fingas: "We grow 'em big up North."
Richard Lawler: "We figured if we can't make it smaller, then maybe the Xbox One Kaiju Edition would help sales in Japan."
Timothy J. Seppala: "I'm gonna need a bigger A/V rack."
Mariella Moon: "Who knew Goliath was an early adopter?
John Colucci: "I double as a stage, dance on me!"
Nicole Lee: "Man, I knew Microsoft wanted to take over the living room, but the parking lot too?"
Ben Gilbert: "Just wait until you see the power brick!"
Edgar Alvarez: "Xbox One: King Kong Edition"

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Xbox Unveils Colossal Xbox One Console to Celebrate the Biggest Launch in Xbox History

One Source draws on the power of the Canadian community to unlock unforgettable, one-of-a-kind experiences

VANCOUVER, Oct. 30, 2013 /CNW/ - Today, a larger-than-life Xbox One appeared in downtown Vancouver to kick off the national celebration of the Xbox One launch. By coming together, the Canadian Xbox Live community can power on and unlock incredible one-of-a-kind experiences and rewards by pledging their gamertags to the project known as One Source. Every gamertag pledged will contribute to unlocking these experiences - starting this week in Vancouver.

"Xbox One is the biggest launch in Xbox history," said Greg Barber, Vice-President, Consumer Channels Group, Microsoft Canada. "Xbox One offers the best exclusive games, the best multiplayer experience and service and great entertainment - and we are thrilled to be able to celebrate with our community."

Canadian Xbox fans can pledge with their gamertag to One Source in three ways: either in person at the console, through the Xbox Live Dashboard, or online at Fans that take part early will have more chances to win great prizes, and as community support grows, fans will continue to unlock unique, immersive experiences, that can only be provided by Xbox.

"With One Source, we are celebrating the launch with our fans in an unprecedented way," explained Craig Flannagan, Director of Marketing, Xbox, Microsoft Canada. "We are giving the power to our fans to unlock incredible experiences."

To learn more about One Source or to pledge with your gamertag, visit the Xbox Live Dashboard or

Xbox One* arrives in stores on November 22. The Xbox One retails for $499, which includes the console, an Xbox One controller, the Kinect sensor for Xbox One and Xbox One Chat Headset.
*Advanced TV hardware required. Games and media content sold separately. Initial set-up and some games and features require broadband Internet; ISP fees apply. Some features require Xbox Live Gold membership; additional fees and/or requirements.