Daily iPhone App: Wolfify turns your lovely face into canine evil

Wolves don't smile and you shouldn't smile when you are using Wolfify from Apptly, which also produces the popular Stacheify and Oldify. As its name implies, Wolfify allows you to turn yourself into a werewolf.

The app uses the front-facing camera to snap a photo of your face or you can grab a selfie from your camera roll. Special effects added by the app turn your facial features into one horrible-looking wolf that growls and sneers. The app cleverly adds a makeup layer, teeth and sounds to turn your beautiful face into a sneering snout filled with evil. You can turn into a full werewolf, but you have to wait until a real full moon or buy an in-app allotment of potions to transform early,

There are a handful of different wolf effects. Some are free, and some require you to invite friends or share on Facebook in order to unlock them. When you are done with your wolfen photo, you can export it to the camera roll, share it social networks, email it to friends or upload a video of your growling to Youtube.

Wolfify is available for free from the iOS App Store. It's harmless and fun for Halloween, so why not download it and check it out.