Nikon hurt by falling DSLR prices, but still faring better than Canon

Nikon's finance department has been forced to revise its quarterly revenue forecast in a southerly direction due to the fact that entry-level DSLRs are selling for lower prices than it originally expected. One of the culprits is likely to be the D3200 shown above, which is currently going on Amazon for around $550 with a kit lens, or $150 below its list price. Looking to the future, the company also warns that sales of its Nikon 1 interchangeable lens cameras may shrink in 2014 due to "weak market conditions," despite the splash made by its recent ruggedized ILC, the Nikon AW1. The news isn't all bad, mind you, as the anticipated drops only add up to a few percentage points and Nikon says it's on course to make the same net profit it had previously projected -- a mostly stable outlook that struggling rival Canon can only dream of.