iPad trade-in numbers more than double since 2012

Today sales of the iPad Air began at Apple (and other) retail stores around the world. If trade-in numbers at Gazelle and Nextworth are any indication, many of those who are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new device will be happily trading in their older iPads to help pay for the new equipment.

Anthony Scarsella, the "chief gadget officer" at Boston-based Gazelle told Computerworld that trade-in quotes for iPads were up 130 percent over October 2012. The numbers are almost identical at Billerica, Mass.-based NextWorth, where Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Trachsel reported that quote volume is up 127 percent.

Both of the trade-in companies cited the redesign of the iPad Air for the increased interest in turning in older iPads for cash. The new device is 20 percent thinner and 29 percent lighter than the fourth-generation iPad, catching the eye of consumers who may have held onto first- and second-generation devices until now.

What's the most popular device people are turning into cash? The third-generation iPad. Nextworth says those accounted for 35 percent of all iPad quotes in October, while Gazelle says they're about 31 percent of their total iPad quotes for last month.

iPad mini quotes are relatively flat, primarily because users appear to be waiting for the device to ship later this month before deciding whether or not to make a trade-in. Are you trading in an old device this month to help pay for a new one? Let us know in the comments.