Destructamundo is a game about interplanetary destruction from Robotube Games

Destructamundo is a new puzzle game from Robotube Games, a smaller label acquired by Gaijin Games that operates out of the studio's Santa Cruz offices. In Destructamundo, players must aid a race of scavenging aliens whose only means of survival is to travel to various star systems and detonate planets in order to harvest the resources left behind.

Each level is comprised of planets with orbiting satellites moving in a clockwise direction. Destroying planets is achieved by clearing its satellites, initiated by triggering an explosion that in turn chains together and causes more explosions throughout the level. The goal is to clear a level by setting off the least number of explosions. Simple.

Jason Cirillo, an artist with Gaijin Games, was on-hand to demo the game at Double Fine's Day of the Devs gathering in San Francisco today. Cirillo said the goal was to launch Destructamundo for "about $1 or $2," hopefully "in January" or some time "early next year."

The version I sampled was running on Ouya, one of the supported platforms, but Cirillo also added that iOS was part of the plan. Cirillo, unfortunately, wouldn't go into specifics regarding any other potential platform.