Instagram serves its first advertisement, users unsurprisingly irked

A new era has begun in the kingdom of photo filters and hashtags. Instagram has recently served users in the US its first ad ever, and (as par for the course for a change this big) not everyone's happy. The unlucky guinea pig getting all the hate is fashion designer Michael Kors, who featured one of his timepieces on the sponsored post. It may have shown up, unannounced, on plenty of people's timelines, but it was at least properly labeled as an advert, as the Facebook-owned firm promised earlier this month. The image-sharing service didn't say whether this is merely a test run, but if it's a full launch, we can expect more from its first batch of advertisers. That list includes Ben & Jerry's and Levi's, which we hope won't run ads simultaneously -- nobody wants to feel hungry yet fat at the same time.