BRAVEN 710: Water-resistant, wireless pairing through TrueWireless and more

I'm not usually one to get too excited about Bluetooth speakers; there are a lot of 'em out there, and by and large a lot of them are somewhat cookie-cutter duplicates of each other. But BRAVEN has always piqued my interest with its speaker line, simply because the aluminum cases look great and the sound of the speakers is impressive. Today, the company is unveiling the BRAVEN 710 (US$169.99) with some compelling new features.

To begin with, the 710 receives an IPX5 water-resistance rating, so there's no need to worry about splashing this speaker with water from the hot tub. Battery life is an impressive 12-plus hours, and that battery can also be used to charge other devices. But the big difference is the integration of TrueWireless technology that allows wireless pairing with another BRAVEN 710 to create a right and left speaker set.

The company uses custom HD audio drivers with aptX audio support, and the device is equipped with NFC for easy linking if your mobile device swings that way... The BRAVEN 710 comes in silver, graphite and blue, and can also be used as a speakerphone with your Bluetooth-linked iPhone. TUAW should have a BRAVEN 710 for testing soon, so keep an eye out for our review.