Good Old Games unveils three games for $5 charity offer

GOG unveils three games for $5 charity offer

Scoring cheap games is a noble pursuit, charity doubly so. Now, thanks to Good Old Games, you can tick off both boxes simultaneously.

GOG recently hit its five-year anniversary, and to celebrate, the classic game distribution service is offering players the chance to download three games from its collection for only $5. Throwing more cash toward GOG won't increase the number of games you earn, but it should give you a case of the warm fuzzies from helping your fellow human beings.

Full details, including which charities are involved, can be found on the official GOG website. There is currently no word on when (or if) this charity promotion will end, but if you'd like to take advantage, we'd suggest doing so sooner, rather than later. There's no telling when the orphanage might run out of porridge.