Deezer unveils personalized music discovery features and native Mac app

It's hard to talk of music streaming service Deezer and not mention the behemoth in the room: Spotify. A launch in the US is certainly needed for Deezer to become a true rival, but in the meantime, it's adding new features for current users, which hail from basically everywhere else. Today sees the reveal of "Hear This," a custom feed which recommends music based on what you've listened to before, what your friends are into, and what Deezer's global editors think is hot. Also coming is "Explore," a browsing tool that lets you filter beats by genre and region. Other minor updates include new search/filter functions and a track history within your Library, as well as a preview mode that allows you to catch 30 seconds of a song before deciding whether to hear more. Deezer also teased that it's concocting a Mac app that'll integrate with Finder, although wouldn't give any timeline for release. Hear This and Explore, however, will arrive shortly: November 12th for Premium subscribers, and November 19th for everybody else.