DotA 2 pink war dog courier sells for $38,000

MJ Guthrie
M. Guthrie|11.06.13

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DotA 2 pink war dog courier sells for $38,000
Dota 2 pink war dog courier sells for $38,000
Pricey items aren't just for MMOs -- MOBAs are getting in on the action as well. DotA 2 secured its place in the ranks of titles where in-game items have sold for exorbitant real-life sums when an ethereal flame pink war dog sold for a whopping $38,000. The war dog is a courier, an item used to transport items from your team to your base as well as from the base to your team. Why did this particular virtual item fetch such a hefty amount? According to the seller, this item is a very rare combination of the most sought-after courier type, effect, and color; only four others are known to exist.
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DotA 2 pink war dog courier sells for $38,000