Sony, Microsoft to honor Blockbuster UK next-gen console pre-orders

Last month, Blockbuster UK announced it was entering administration – the UK equivalent of bankruptcy – and that the store wouldn't honor pre-orders of next-generation consoles. In a post on Facebook, Blockbuster reversed its decision and said both Sony and Microsoft have set aside consoles for those who have pre-ordered through the retailer.

In order to receive your Xbox One or PS4, you must complete this form prior to midnight on Thursday, November 7. After verifying the pre-order, Blockbuster will then pass along your details to Sony or Microsoft to secure payment and shipping details for your new console. Failing to meet the submission form deadline means you won't be guaranteed a console.

Those who wish to receive a refund from Blockbuster for their pre-order down payment need simply contact the retailer, though Blockbuster still encourages all who have pre-ordered to complete the submission form – even if they've already filed for a refund.