TruEnergy headphones are designed for women, full of vibrance and color

It's not everyday I get sent a review request for an iOS accessory specifically for women, but TruEnergy got in touch with a range of in-ear headphones with just that in mind. The headphones come in three different models, each model in three different variety of colors. It's certainly not your typical grey, black, white or aluminum that I'm so often used to seeing in gadgets and accessories. None the less, I'm happy to push on with a review for the fairer sex!

TruEnergy says the headphones are designed for "modern, active and stylish girls." Second to that, the biggest focus of the headphones is their SoundShare feature; basically a built-in extra 3.5mm quarter-inch jack input for someone else to add their headphones to, making sharing listening to music or watching a film a breeze.

The headphones come in three models, Playful (US$19.99), with a "bright, colorful style." Flirty ($29.99) "style with an edge." And Inspired ($39.99), "elegant style with a feature-packed listening experience." Each model comes with the SoundShare feature. The Flirty and Inspired models come with a built-in mic and enhanced audio, whilst the Inspired model comes with a play control button and further enhanced bass response.

The headphones are very colorful, and both my wife and visiting-from-abroad mother took interest in them when they first saw them on the desk. The vibrant, dual-tone coloring is particularly eye-catching. The cabling is more flat than rounded, with an elastic, rubbery quality to it. It feels durable though, and there's the impression of quality too. The earphones themselves look great and fit snugly and comfortably into your ears, with ear-buds in three sizes that fit over the earphones. With any in-ear headphone, making sure you've got a good, sealed fit is essential to the quality of the sound.

I really enjoyed the sound quality of the Playful headphones. With a warm, clear tonal quality, I would happily use them for running with, or even as a set to pull out of the backpack / handbag on a commute. From there, sound quality improved in the Flirty and Inspired models. Things became more well-rounded, with a bit more depth and clarity. The same two models also have a built-in mic for calls, which is always a handy feature. The play control on the Inspired model is basic in appearance and feel, but it's good to be able to pause a track or with a double-click move on to the next track.


At the end of the day, no matter what model you go for, sound quality will be good. I think what's going to appeal more here, and what TruEnergy is encouraging, is the variety of colors (pick the colors that best express / suit you). Being able to share whatever it is your listening to is a great additional built-in feature that you don't find in many other headphones. And if you decide to splash out for the top tier Inspired model, a play control button will be the icing on the cake, though you may want to look at other in-ear options if you're going to spend $40.

If you're a lady looking for a budget set of vibrantly colored headphones, then look no further than TruEnergy's line-up of in-ear headphones. Available at and select Target stores. Check out TruEnergy's website for further into.


Many colors to choose from

Good sound quality


Built-in SoundShare feature


Higher end Inspired model feels a little over priced