LG G Flex launches in Korea next week for $940, headed to Europe in December

LG G Flex launches in Korea next week for $940, Orange France in about a month

Processor, storage space, RAM and a curved screen -- the G Flex's announcement came with just about everything except a price. Now, LG has given us the last piece of the puzzle. Starting on November 12th, the South Korean company will sell its curved smartphone for 999,900 Korean Won, or about $940. That buys a six-inch curved OLED display (that's actually flexible), 2GB of RAM, a 13-megapixel shooter and some sort of self-healing backside. The company's announcement also says that phone will be launching on Orange France in about a month, although local pricing hasn't been announced. As for the rest of the world? We'll just have to use the time to decide if we want LG's kit or that other curved smartphone.