Kim Dotcom's Mega cloud storage exits beta, secure messaging and video chat due next year

The feds may have taken Megaupload to the big cloud storage facility in the sky, but Kim Dotcom's followup Mega is going strong and now out of beta. That official launch includes a new web UI with tweaks focused on making everything faster and more efficient, including local caching that only syncs changes made since the last time you connected. Sharing among friends should also be easier, with user avatars for a visual reminder of who's who plus contact management that shows how many files someone is sharing with you and when they were last updated. The final tweaks mentioned are tree style navigation between folders, the ability to move around the site while continuing file transfers and a custom Firefox extension.

So what's next for Mega? Its iOS app has been submitted for review (it's already available on Android), and is expected in the next month along with a Sync desktop app headed for Windows, OS X and Linux. Looking down the road into 2014, the company also previewed encrypted communications services (including file attachments, of course) for text messaging between members and video conferencing built to keep prying eyes locked out.