Elgato Thunderbolt Drive+ SSD earns its 'plus' tag through USB 3.0 and brisk speeds

Elgato was on the vanguard of external storage when it launched its Thunderbolt SSD early last year, but flash drives have clearly evolved since then. To catch up, the company has just released its much improved Thunderbolt Drive+. What does that plus sign get you? USB 3.0 support, for a start -- you can now plug into just about any Mac or Windows PC, not just those with Thunderbolt ports. The Drive+ is also much faster than its ancestor, transferring data at up to 420 MB/s, and bakes in resistance to both dust and water. The new SSD isn't cheap when it starts at $500 for 256GB, but it may be just the ticket for those who want compatibility, speed and toughness in one box.