Reveel: a portable headphone amp that promises to enhance your music

Have you ever been to a concert and bought a keep-sake CD? Did you find it somehow didn't quite conjure up the same heady, ethereal experience? Musician Barry Stephen Goldfarb evidently did, inspiring him to create Reveel -- a small device that claims to recreate the authentic live sound. By using proprietary technology, Reveel adds aspects back into the sound that you find in a live environment (room phase, etc.), but lose in a studio recording. Goldfarb was particularly frustrated when recording his own music "revealed" a slightly different sound to how he experienced. Seven years later, we have the final version of Reveel, launched at Expand today. The device sneaks in between your media player and headphones, acting as a middleman via the 3.5mm input and output, working its magic on the audio as it goes. It's rechargeable (via micro-USB), and also serves as a headphone amp, too. If you think your CD collection just can't cut it compared to the real-life sound, then you can check Reveel out starting today for $119.95.