Xbox One pre-orders arrive ahead of Target (update: day one patch is already live)

If you were impressed by the flood of Xbox One information unleashed today or Microsoft's 12-minute demo video and just have to have one first, there may be a way. eBay seller priceless228 claims a mistake by Target sent this Standard Edition console their way weeks ahead of the official November 22nd launch date, and now they're auctioning it off in order to create products for special education students (isn't that nice?). The starting bid is $999 and there's a buy it now offer for a cool $10k, but there's one reason we'd advise patience among even deep-pocketed early adopters: the day one update.

As described to us by senior director of product management Albert Penello, it's required to do things like play games, use apps or do... pretty much anything. That leaves a high likelihood that even if this is real, the auction doesn't get yanked and it does arrive, you'll have a VCR-sized brick (plus Kinect 2.0) laying around until closer to the launch date -- and probably explains why its current owner hasn't plugged the system in. Of course, maybe some of you won't have to wait, another system has already popped up on Twitter, posted by former Minnesota Golden Gophers WR Connor John Cosgrove.

Update: The question of whether or not it was a sensible purchase will have to wait until another day -- the seller has removed the listing. Still, if you picked Target for your pre-order location, it might be a good idea to check the front porch for an unexpected delivery. At least one other early unit has popped up from YouTuber MoonlightSwami, who also got his today from Target. Better still, he's already downloaded the 500MB day one update and is giving the system a spin right now. Check out the highlights here.