And your Insert Coin winners are: DIWire and GrowCubes!

The votes have been tallied, the judges have conferred and we have a pair of winners in our Insert Coin competition. First up, our panel of experts have settled on a victor after much debate, and Pensa Labs will be taking home the $10,000 judge's prize for its DIWire. The automated wire-bending machine is sure to find a home in many a maker's workshop. The readers though, chose something different. Attendees and viewers at home cast their support for GrowCubes. The idea of stackable greenhouses small enough for a New York City apartment really captured the imagination of the public. And for that they'll be taking home the $15,000 reader's prize.

So congratulations to our winners! Of course, the story doesn't end here for any of our Insert Coin competitors. We're sure some successful crowdfunding campaigns lie in their futures.

DIWire Bender

Insert Coin New Challengers voting is now open  help us pick ten finalists!

We've seen desktop 3D printing explode over the past few years and milling doesn't seem all that far behind. Wire-bending, on the other hand, is another story -- albeit one with some pretty cool visuals. Connect the DIWire to your computer and you'll be bending wire-based creations in minutes.


Insert Coin New Challengers voting is now open  help us pick ten finalists!

How to grow healthy produce when you live in the big city? These stackable appliances adjust lighting and utilize aeroponic nutrient sprays to help you grow fruits and vegetables in the relative comfort of your urban dwelling.