Amazon begins deliveries to US and UK customers on a Sunday

If you can't wait for the working week to begin again in order to receive your latest delivery, Amazon has some good news for you. The company says it has teamed up with the US Postal Service (USPS) to deliver packages to all customers on Sundays, starting this week in New York and Los Angeles. Amazon's so excited that "now every day is an Amazon delivery day" it'll expand its service to include customers in Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Phoenix and other US cities within the next year. There's no word on whether the company intends to bring extended weekend deliveries to other countries, so for now, people living in Amazon's first two test cities will be the only customers seeing the new Sunday delivery promise when they go to checkout.

Update: The Wall Street Journal reports that Londoners will get Sunday deliveries too. Amazon is set to use its own vehicles to deliver packages "later this month." We've also updated the article to show that, contrary to wording in Amazon's press release, Sunday deliveries will be available to everyone -- not just Prime members.