Sony parodies Daft Punk in its official PlayStation 4 unboxing video

Sony's official PS4 unboxing video is mostly eery music and polythene

It's a commercial imperative for Sony and Microsoft to maintain people's interest this month, by any means necessary. But at least the PlayStation marketing team isn't taking itself too seriously. The latest release on its YouTube channel starts with an overplayed build-up, replete with a shadowy sci-fi setting and steady crescendo, and then ends with a detailed (and inevitably mundane) look at exactly what you'll find in the PlayStation 4's box when it lands in stores this Friday, right down to the voucher freebies and plastic-wrapped cables. The video is presented by none other than Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Worldwide Studios -- a man who's known to enjoy a bit of fun in the spotlight.

Update: Readers have spotted that the clip directly parodies Daft Punk's video from back in May, Random Access Memories Unboxed -- a reference that seems weird until you remember that Sony owns Daft Punk's record label. Actually no, it still seems weird.