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Cyberpunk adventure 'Read Only Memories' from GaymerX founders

Read Only Memories plays out in 2064 Neo-San Francisco, when all forms of personal electronics have been replaced by little robot buddies called ROMs. As a young journalist, the main character must uncover the mystery of a vanished friend while surviving the feral streets of this future city. Read Only Memories takes inspiration from 90s adventure games, and one in particular: Snatcher, the cyberpunk adventure created by Hideo Kojima.

Read Only Memories comes from Midboss Games, a newly established studio from the founders of GaymerX, a convention focused on queer issues in gaming. GaymerX was funded via Kickstarter in September 2012, and Midboss is looking for the same success with Read Only Memories.

The team needs $62,064 by December 13 on Kickstarter, and it's part of Ouya's Free the Games Fund, meaning Ouya will match all pledges up to $62,000 if it all works out. The game is slated for PC, Mac, Ouya, iOS and Android, and Midboss wants to have a playable build ready for GaymerX2 in July.

Read Only Memories has queer characters, but it isn't "a gay game," GaymerX founder Matt Conn says: "A lot of queer characters can be presented on an equal level with their straight counterparts. It's really important that we create more games that have queer characters in them, but the point is also not to shoehorn them in."