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Dual-screen YotaPhone is shipping in time to impress nerds at your holiday party

If you wrote Santa asking for a dual-display phone this year, the fat man from the North Pole may be gliding down your chimney with a YotaPhone on Christmas Eve. It's been nearly a year since we first spied the LCD and E Ink-packing handset, and now TechCrunch says the Russian-based company is finally ready to make good on its promise to bring the device to consumers "before Christmas." As you might recall, the Android-based handset with a split personality features a full-color, Gorilla Glass 4.3-inch 1,280 x 720 LCD display on the front and a 200 dpi E Ink display on the rear. The company has yet to stick a price tag on either screen and the specs aren't exactly earth-shattering , but if it does make good on its promise, we're sure someone will pick up the YotaPhone for novelty sake alone.