FCC launches speed test app for Android, looks to collect mobile broadband performance data

As expected, the FCC has launched a Speed Test app that measures mobile broadband performance for Android devices. Available as a free download from Google Play, the app runs periodically in the background and performs tests when you aren't using your handset. There is a manual test option, for those of you steeped in the ways of

According to the FCC, the app is a "first step towards evaluating mobile broadband network performance, arming consumers with information to make fact-based, informed decisions about their wireless providers." In practice, data gathered from FCC Speed Test will help build out visualizations and maps that compare speeds and technologies across the country. Android users can hit up the Google Play link below to try it out. iPhone users, meanwhile, will have to wait till early next year; the FCC says it will submit an iOS version by late 2014.