Mint updates its iOS app for iOS 7, adds charts to illustrate spending habits

If you've ever used Mint's personal finance app, you know one of the best features is "Trends" -- a tracking feature that lets you monitor your spending habits, income and net worth over time. Oddly, though, that feature has until now been MIA on the iOS app; you could see a list of your individual purchases, but you weren't getting a big-picture take on where your money was going. In addition to Trends, this latest version brings back the ability to manually add cash purchases, as well as categorize pending check transactions. And, of course, it's been redesigned with a flatter design to match the overall look and feel of iOS 7. We've included the App Store link below. And hey, if you don't want to be reminded of your massive sneaker addiction, you can always disable alerts in the settings menu.