TiVo's new Slide Pro Remote pairs nicely with your Roamio, costs $50

Sure, it's not a new gaming console, but a remote is still a very essential part of most everyone's living room -- at least for the time being. With that in mind, TiVo has announced the successor to its Slide Remote, adequately dubbing it the Slide Pro Remote. The company's quick to point out its freshly minted slide-out QWERTY remote is more than just a prettier face: it features backlit keys, a more powerful signal thanks to RF support, search and back buttons, plus the ability to learn multiple commands (i.e. input, power, volume and more). TiVo's Slide Pro Remote is not only compatible with the Roamio, but also the Premiere and Mini DVRs. Better yet, it's available now for a mere $50, which, by the way, is about $40 cheaper than its predecessor was way back when.