Sony sells over 1 million PlayStation 4 consoles in first 24 hours

There was little doubt that the PlayStation 4 would sell well on launch given the sheer amount of hype, but we now have proof: Sony has revealed that it sold over one million PS4s in North America during the console's first 24 hours of availability. While that figure pales in comparison to the sales numbers we see for smartphones, it gets the company a long way toward its goal of moving five million units before the end of its fiscal year in March. It also suggests that Sony won't face the same lackluster response that greeted Nintendo, which took a week to sell its first 400,000 Wii U systems in the US. The real question is whether or not the PS4 will preserve its sales momentum -- with the Xbox One launch just five days away, Sony won't keep the high end of the console market to itself for much longer.