Firefox previews near-final Australis interface with curved tabs, streamlined controls

Firefox has been talking up Australis, its next-gen browser interface, for quite some time now, and that celestial-sounding update has just landed on Firefox Nightly. Yes, finally curious users can test it out and evaluate the experience as Firefox gets closer to the final version.

Per a video preview on the Mozilla blog, one of the most immediately obvious changes with Australis is a new, curvier tab shape (like a rounded take on Chrome's style). Firefox also designed the forward button to only appear when you hover over it, and the tool bar has been streamlined, with the bulk of browser settings accessible via a menu on the right-hand side. Firefox says Australis will offer "consistency and unification" across different devices, which likely means a similar look and feel along with the requisite saved tabs. Finally, enhanced customization settings should make it easier to tweak the browser to your liking. We're definitely digging the softer, more minimalist look -- check it out for yourself via the source links below.