Kisai's Rorschach watch is a test in telling time

"So it's extremely difficult to read the time, but how do you feel about that?" That's the question Kisai is posing with its new Rorschach watch, which puts one of the company's trademark inscrutable watchfaces into the shape of the famous psychiatrist's inkblots. You can choose between three levels from "readable but still not easily" to "please just tell me what the hell time it is!" (Actually, once you get the hang of it, the hours are read at the top right, and the minutes from the bottom left.) The watch uses an e-paper display, giving it high contrast and a battery life of 2-3 years while letting you switch between black on white or vice-versa. You can grab one in white, brown or black with a leather strap, or black and silver with a metal bracelet at $179 for the next two days -- though you may have to line up behind Watchmen fans.